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Otis PIB inverter GAA26800AV1

Otis PIB inverter GAA26800AV1

Xizi Otis PIB GAA26800AV1 inverter IGBT module SKIIP 085NAB5439 Otis PIB inverter GAA26800AV1

Otis Elevator Xizi Otis PIB GAA26800AV1 inverter,
Otis PIB inverter,inverter board is GAA26800AV1.

Otis PIB Card Part No: GAA26800AV1 power card.
It’s include IGBT, brake chopper and bridge rectifier, by this means that the card must be with all its components.
IGBT module is SKIIP085NAB5439 with otis parts number GAA21340L1.

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