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Quality Handrails

Escalator handrail has been producing quality handrails for applications of all kinds for many years.


Choose from a range of black and coloured handrails offers you black SBR handrails for any application. Take your inspiration from our colour palette!


The wonderful world of your own decisions has exactly the colour you are looking for. We have 12 standard colours and a total of 25 in our range. One outstanding feature of

Delivery range

Every layer perfect
As a basic principle, handrails come either with or without a wedge. What is crucial for the proper function of your handrail is the interplay between the rail itself and the guiding element on the escalator or walkway.

Operating conditions

Ready for use at all times handrails are guaranteed to operate perfectly assuming that operating conditions are adhered to, our cleaning and care instructions are observed and they are properly installed in new escalators or moving walkways

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Elevator Polyurethane Buffer


Elevator Buffer B Type
Elevator Buffer A Type
Applicable to the elevator rated speed is less than or equal to 1 meter per second

A-1 140*200
A-2 100*160
A-3 120*192
A-4 130*208
A-5 150*240
A-10 80*96
A-11 100*120
A-13 160*200
A-14 200*220
A-18 130*158
B-1 162*75

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